Glimmers: An Antidote To Triggers

The concept of glimmers is they are the antidote to triggers.

It’s a simple way to support yourself in finding the things that already make you feel good and bring them to the fore of your mind because they are there.

Glimmers are the opposite of triggers.

Glimmers can bring us back into our window of tolerance and can cue your body that you are safe, which is such a gift.

There is so much you can do to reduce the impact of triggers on your nervous system, mind, body, and spirit, and to rewrite your relationship to those triggering experiences.

Your protector part worries if you’re too cozy, too okay, you’re lunch. So make some drama, make some chaos, stir things up, it says.

One of my favorite things to help me stay grounded, centered, and more able to breathe and orient and find my footing, to stay ventral vagal and to come back to it easily throughout the day is to focus on the glimmers.

The things that bring that warm, fuzzy sense of connectedness to self and others.

Noticing our glimmers is an act of reparenting.

All sorts of things can induce our systems into either survival responses or ventral vagal responses. This can be smells, songs, poems, food, people, thoughts.

Sometimes, just remembering that I know how to do thought work, that’s a tool in my toolbox, that alone is a beautiful glimmer for me.



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