Living With Intention: Create The Life Of Your Dreams

We’re going to talk about what it means to live with intention, to make decisions for yourself and your life on purpose and ahead of time.

It just wants you to survive, and frankly, not do much else. Eat, sleep, hydrate, procreate, repeat. Those are its imperatives, its goals.

Sticking out, not fitting in, all of this can leave your nervous system feeling all frayed at the edges. So we work to fit in, to feel safe and social and protected, and it makes sense.

This topic is particularly pertinent to folks with codependent and perfectionist thought habits because those habits leave you, us really, so detached from your own wants, needs, desires, preferences, capacity tomake bold decisions or decisions in general like what’s for dinner or what should I wear.

For me, living with intention means living your life on purpose and making decisions big and small from an aligned, thoughtful, self-loving place.

It’s more like, if you have the privilege to be in a place to shift your life with ease, to not need to work two to three jobs, or work in a salt mine for a living or whatever, then that’s something phenomenal and worth celebrating, worth living into with intention and dedication, honoring your privilege.

Intention is attention.

These habits are likely unintentional and generally don’t serve us, my beautiful love.

The next step is planning.

  • What do I want my life to be like?
  • What are my wildest dreams for my own life?
  • That is, if there were no barriers in the whole wide world, what would I like this life to look like?
  • What are my intentions for my life? My day, my week, my month, my year.
  • Where am I saying no to myself to try to make someone else happy?
  • Where am I saying yes to someone else when it’s not what I truly want for myself?
  • How do I want to make my mark on the world?
  • What dreams and visions do I want to turn into reality?
  • What can I do each and every day to begin to build trust in and with myself?

Meanwhile, while that part of your life isn’t changing for now, you get to accept that and to focus your attention on how else you can bring awareness and intention into your life.

A life lived with intention and self-direction is so gratifying.



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Victoria Albina, NP, MPH

Victoria Albina, NP, MPH

Victoria Albina, NP, MPH is a certified life coach, breathwork facilitator, holistic Nurse Practitioner and host of the podcast Feminist Wellness.